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Assessment & Personalised Remediation for Children with Specific Learning Difficulties by Educational Psychologists

As a parent, it is often heartwrenching to watch your child struggle academically in school. Here, at Singapore Psychology Services, our reliable & experienced Educational Psychologists can help your children with learning difficulties deal better with their unique challenges and attain their optimal potential at reasonable fees.

Step 1: Psychological Assessment

Understanding the root cause of your child's academic or learning struggles through a comprehensive assessment by qualified and experienced Registered Educational Psychologists is often the first and most important step in addressing these problems effectively.

Step 2: Personalised Remediation

Based on the comprehensive assessment findings, we will review a detailed psycho-educational report that is accepted internationally and by the Ministry of Education (MOE) of your child's cognitive profile, strengths and weakness. We will also explain in detail and make appropriate and workable solutions to help reduce or eliminate these problems, resulting in long-term improvement for your child.


What are the signs of Dyslexia or Specific Learning Difficulties? 

Many children with specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia, ADHD or processing disorders often have intelligence  that are typical of any average child and do not have physical problems but they struggle to keep up with their friends of the same age in learning and functioning.

Although dyslexia, ADHD or learning difficulty may initially feel like a label, it may be more helpful to think of it as an explanation to better understand your child's academic struggles and predicament to facilitate the best possible follow-up learning programmes for them.

Dyslexia and Specific Learning Difficulty Assessment -Fees from SGD950 onwards

Comprehensive Assessment for your child is only conducted by experienced Registered Educational Psychologists  according to International Standards at reasonable fees. It will include a psycho-educational report that is accepted by international and local schools in Singapore, international examination boards, Ministry of Education (MOE) as well as medical and healthcare professionals.

The psycho-educational report will come with personalised solutions and recommendations for your child. These may include exam access arrangements for national and international examinations (PSLE, GCE, IB, SAT, etc) such as having extra time for examinations and/or exemption from Mother Tongue examinations or educational placement in special (SPED) schools, if warranted.

Assessment fees are inclusive of (i) professional consultation, (ii) assessment/test and (iii) psychological report. No additional or hidden charges.


Personalised Remediation Programme


Based on your child's assessment results, we personalise an integrated remediation programme involving cognitive training, academic coaching, nutritional guidelines and professional therapy, if needed, that are tailored to your child's unique profile.

Nearly every student has shown improvement under our personalised remediation programme. The degree of improvement varies but in almost every case, the student's rate of learning and functioning is significantly higher than it was prior to attending our remediation programme.

Our curriculum for the academic coaching is aligned with the MOE school syllabus. All remediation and instruction is fully individualised and customised to your child's unique profile at reasonable fees - ratio of 1 teacher to 1 student.

Subjects Available: English, Mathematics and Chinese

What Parents Say:

"We are grateful for sharing your constructive, fruitful experience and guidance. We learn that being upset and disappointed are not good for us as parents. From your encouragement, we are learning how to change ourselves so that we can contribute more love and concern for our child. Frankly, you saved us from the depression during the downhearted period. We will always remember your words and optimistic character..." Parents of 8-year old child

"Dr Chan, we really want to thank you for rushing out the assessment report and the useful tips on the follow-up actions needed for our son. He has been given the recommended exam access arrangement of extra time for his upcoming examinations. Thank you once again and we are so happy to have met you..." Parents of 15-year old teenager

"Every parent should be informed of the value of assessing their own child. It has certainly helped me better understand my child's learning struggles, cognitive strengths and the best way to support him. I wished I had done this assessment earlier..." Parent of 13-year old boy

"You were very encouraging...and have the kid's welfare at heart...that's the right approach. Thank you!" Mother of 9-year old child


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